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So I won't have to put this in every single sale post, I'd like to clear this up from the start.
Please read before buying!!!

I will accept payment by paypal (+fee), bank transfer (Germany/EU) or concealed cash by registered mail. I might be able to accept payment by Western Union as well, please ask. Prices are stated in EUR/USD, I'll accept USD or EUR for payment.
If you can't pay within a week, please let me know!

All prices stated here are without shipping! I'm located in Germany but will ship internationally, just ask! All of the items you purchase will be shipped together (once I confirmed payment) to save shipping costs. I will only ask the actual shipping costs.

To give a general overview of the shipping costs, here's quotes on that:
[costs for Germany/EU/World, prices in EUR]
small letter: 0.55/0.70/1.70 €
big letter, up to 100g (posters): 1.45/2.00/4.00 €
big letter, up to 500g (mags): 1.45/4.50/8.00 €
big letter, up to 1kg (heavy mags): 2.20/6.00/12.00 €
small package, up to 2kg: 3.90/8.60~14.00/24.00 €
fee for registered mail: +2.05 €

I try to describe the items for sale as precisely as possible, and will note everything that might be damaged/wrong/different from a new state. Please note that CD cases (especially if they were shipped from Japan to me, or are older already) have in most cases some kind of damage, that's something inevitable even with new items. If not stated otherwise, the CD itself is in perfect condition though.

If you have any questions, if there's something wrong with the item you got or if anything's wrong at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. Do so via comment on any of the posts or mail at byebye.butterfly [at] gmail.com.

please comment on the post(s) with the following info:
- item(s) you'd like
- way of payment
- country
- email
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